18PT Uncoated Brown Kraft Greeting Cards, Scored
January 30, 2018
100LB Cover Uncoated Linen Greeting Cards
January 30, 2018
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18PT C1S Greeting Cards with NO Coating


 C1S (Coated 1 Side) Greeting Cards Printing in Vancouver

Our Greeting Cards are printed full color single sided or double sided on a very thick 18PT C1S (coated 1 side) card stock and scored in the meddle for folding. C1S (in 18PT C1S) refers to paper coated one side. Not to be confused with UV and aqueous coatings or laminates, the terms C1S and C2S refer to paper coated at the manufacturing stage, prior to printing. Coated paper allows the ink to rest on top of the paper, providing more vibrant colors. Coated paper has a smoother printing surface and lower ink absorption than uncoated paper.

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