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January 29, 2018
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January 30, 2018
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32PT Uncoated Painted EDGE Cards


32PT Uncoated Painted EDGE Cards

Give your customers an edge over the competition with Solid PAINTED EDGE business cards! This 32PT thick uncoated card stock features edge painting with seven metallic colors and seven standard colors.  Choose from a selection of eye-catching, vivid colors, or classic white. Create an unmistakably bold and solid statement. This is one of our premium business cards that you and your clients will really love it.

Metallic Colors: metallic blue, metallic green, metallic hot pink, metallic orange, metallic purple and metallic yellow.

Standard Colors: blue, brown, pink, turquoise, orange, red and yellow.

These colored edges business cards are available in sizes of  2″x 3.5″,  2.125″ x 3.375″ and 2.5″x 2.5″

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